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What is an orthoptist? An orthoptist is a university-trained Allied Health professional who specialises in a range of unique eye health skills including children’s vision, ocular motility, and rehabilitation of impaired vision.


We can deliver the below list of services:

Paediatric Assessments


Does your child’s eye turn in or out?

Do they complain of blurry vision?

Do they hold objects close to their face?

Blink will conduct a thorough assessment to identify how your child’s eyes are performing independently and as a team. The assessment will reveal whether your child has amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus, refractive error, or any other anomaly.

Once diagnosed we can work together to determine the best management plan for you and your child.

Blink Orthoptics - boy wearing glasses during paediatric assessment

Eye Strain

Eye strain is common in the early adult years, particularly if you are engaging in excessive near work. Blink can conduct an assessment to determine whether this is the cause of your headaches and help prescribe exercises to give you relief.

Blink Orthoptics - Headache from eye strain
Blue animated eye patch

Adult Assessment

Blink provides orthoptic workups to help in the diagnosis of Ocular Cranial Nerve Palsies, monitors Thyroid Eye Disease, provides Fresnel prism fitting for people suffering from double vision and provides pre and post-strabismus surgery measurements for your surgeon.

Blink Orthoptics - Adult Eye Assessment

Visual Rehabilitation

Have you recently suffered a stroke leaving you vision impaired? Do you have another disease or disorder that has impacted your vision?

Blink provides at-home or in-clinic low vision assessments to identify what aspects of your life we can improve with visual aids, strategies, and training programs.

Blink Orthoptics - Blind lady receiving visual rehabilitation therapy from an orthoptist
Blink Orthoptics - Childrens vision

Vision Screening

Vision screening between the ages of 4-6 years is critical to detect conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye), refractive error, and strabismus. Did you know, when a child has a lazy eye, they only have up to the age of 8 to correct it?

Blink can provide a vision screening service at your preschool, school or in the clinic.

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